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Masonic Lodges in Louisville, KY

Mt. Moriah Lodge #6 was established in 1852, St. Thomas Lodge #20 in 1858. In 1866, Merriweather Lodge #13 was moved to the jurisdiction of Louisville. In 1876, there were two Masonic lodges established in Louisville by Grand Master Paraham: Paraham Lodge #26 and Southern Cross #39. The Paraham Lodge officers were Alex Hanks, Franklin Glass, Solomon Stone, S. L. Hopkins, and John W. Turner. The Southern Cross officers were Shelton Guest, J. A. Brown, William T. Banks, S. Gillespie, and Horace Wrightson. Tuscan Lodge #58 was established in 1895 with officers James May, Edward Bowman, P. A. Rankin, John May, and E. H. Willis. The jurisdictional move of the Tuscan Lodge from the State of Ohio to the State of Kentucky was a controversial matter. For more see Chapters 2 & 4 of The History of Prince Hall Grand Lodge in Ohio, by C. H. Wesley; and History of the United Brothers of Friendship and Sisters of the Mysterious Ten, by W. H. Gibson, Sr. See also the NKAA entry Colored Lodges - Louisville, KY.


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