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Hall, Alfred Lawrence

(born: 1894  -  died: 1964) 

Alfred L. Hall, born in Jellico, KY, lived in Seattle, WA, beginning in 1899. He was a graduate of Broadway High School and was the first African American to play on the school's football team. Hall appeared to be 5 feet tall or less. He was a WWI veteran, stationed at Fort Hancock, Georgia in 1918. After the war, he was employed by the Buffalo Hosiery Company in Seattle, and was later a clerk in the King County Assessor's Office.  Information about Al Hall comes from the University of Washington Libraries, Digital Collections.

Alfred L. Hall was the son of Abram Howard Hall and Elizabeth Ellen Hall [source: 1910 U.S. Census]. Abram Hall, from North Carolina, worked at the Grain Express.

[Jellico, Kentucky, is adjoined across the state line with Jellico, Tennessee. Jellico, Kentucky was a coal mining town, and is today referred to as an unincorporated community. In 1889, bills went before the Kentucky Senate for the incorporation of several Jellicao Railroad companies: including Jellico, Kentucky and Lexington, Kentucky Railroad; the Jellico, Beattyville, and Ashland Railroad Company; Jellico and Munsfordville Railroad; and Jellico and Cumberland Gap Railroad. Source: Journal of the Regular Session of the Senate, December 1889. Residents from Jellico, Kentucky are included in the U.S. Census as early as 1860. African Americans living in Jellico, Kentucky are enumberated in the U.S. Census records starting in 1900.]

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