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Colored Circles and Colored Notes (Lexington, KY Newspapers)

"Colored Notes," a column found in mainstream newspapers throughout the United States, contained information about African Americans. The column was often located on the back pages next to the want ads. The articles ranged in length from a few sentences to an entire column or more.

The term "Colored Circles" was used in the late 1890s in the Daily Leader, predating the use of the term "Colored Notes" in the Lexington Leader beginning around 1904. "Colored Notes" had been a part of the Lexington Herald since 1921 and the merged publication the Sunday Herald-Leader.

In the late 1950s, there was opposition to the use of the term "Colored" and the segregating of news in Lexington newspapers. In the early 1960s, CORE and other civil rights organizations demanded that the notation "Colored Notes" be removed and that news about African Americans be incorporated with all other news.

On the opposing side, there was a push by some to keep the news separate, including African Americans who felt that if "Colored Notes" disappeared, then journalism would return to the days when there was no news at all about African Americans in the mainstream newspapers.

The Lexington newspapers were not inclined to remove "Colored Notes," so the heated debate continued. Finally, a readership vote was solicited in 1964, and it was reported that the final tally showed that readers wanted "Colored Notes" to continue. It would take another five years of disagreement before the newspapers begrudgingly relented, and the term and the segregation of the African American news within "Colored Notes" was discontinued in the Lexington newspapers.

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