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Lampton Street Baptist Church in Louisville [Spencer Taylor]

Spencer Taylor, a carpenter, organized the Lampton Street Baptist Church and led its services, establishing it in 1866 in Louisville, KY.

Services were first held in Taylor's carpentry shop at the intersection of Preston, Jackson, Breckinridge, and Caldwell Streets. The church services were later moved to a house that was built on Caldwell Street between Preston and Jackson Streets. A later Lampton Street Baptist Church building was completed by architect Samuel Plato.

When the National Baptist Convention was held in Louisville in September 1928, the assembly of women at the Lampton Street Baptist Church was seriously urged by Nannie Burroughs to vote for the Republican presidential candidate, Herbert Hoover. The women had gathered at the church to conduct the business of the National Baptist Women's Convention, an organization founded by Nannie Burroughs in Louisville, KY, in 1900.

The present day Lampton Baptist Church is located on 4th Street in Louisville, KY.

For more see the "Lampton Street Baptist Church" entry in Weeden's History of the Colored People of Louisville, by H. C. Weeden; and in Negro Baptist History, by L. G. Jordan. For more about the 1928 Women's Convention, see L. G. Materson, "African American women, prohibition and the 1928 presidential election," Journal of Women's History, vol . 21, issue 1 (Spring 2009), pp. 63-86.

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