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Fulton County (KY) Slaves, Free Blacks, and Free Mulattoes, 1850-1870

Fulton County, located in southwestern Kentucky, was formed from a portion of Hickman County in 1845. The county is bordered by one Kentucky county, the Mississippi River on the west side, and the state of Tennessee on the south side. The county was named for Robert Fulton [online biography]. Fulton, from Pennsylvania, was an engineer and developed the first commercially successful steamboat, and an enhanced steam warship and submarine. There are many places in the United States named for Robert Fulton. The county seat of Fulton County, KY is Hickman, which was previously named Mills Point in honor of James Mills who settled in the area on a military grant. The town was renamed to Hickman in 1837, in honor of Mrs. G. W. L. Marr (her maiden name was Hickman); Mr. Marr had owned the town site. The 1850 county population was 3,503, and increased to 4,239 in 1860, excluding the slaves. Below are the number of slave owners, slaves, free Blacks, and free Mulattoes for 1850-1870.

1850 Slave Schedule
  • 209 slave owners
  • 751 Black slaves
  • 192 Mulatto slaves
  • 4 free Blacks
  • 0 free Mulattoes
1860 Slave Schedule
  • 216 slave owners
  • 901 Black slaves
  • 141 Mulatto Slaves
  • 16 free Blacks
  • 3 free Mulattoes
1870 U.S. Federal Census
  • 824 Blacks
  • 113 Mulattoes
  • About 8 U.S. Colored Troops listed Fulton County, KY, as their birth location.
For more see the Fulton County entry in The Kentucky Encyclopedia edited by J. E. Kleber; Declaration of Marriage of Negroes and Mulattoes, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, 12 May 1866 to 2 April 1874 by M. H. Adams; Fulton County, Kentucky: histories and biographies by L. Collins and W. H. Perrin; and Fulton by E. R. Jones.

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