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Presbyterian Cemetery (Lexington, KY)

In 1889, the Lexington Presbyterian Cemetery on North Limestone Street, between 6th and 7th Streets, was officially closed. A vote had been taken by the Presbyterian Church congregations to close the cemetery and remove the remains to the Lexington Cemetery and the Colored Cemetery. The Presbyterian Cemetery had belonged to both the First and the Second Presbyterian Churches, and it had been the main burial ground in the city for more than 50 years. But in latter years the cemetery was neglected and eventually declared a nuisance; there had been no burials since 1879. The Kentucky Legislature allowed the Churches to sell the cemetery in 1887, and it was purchased by Scott and Skillman for $8,000. The buyers were responsible for the proper removal and reburial of all bodies, and all headstones and other markers were to be properly moved with the bodies. At least three hundred of the interred were African Americans, and their remains were re-interred in African Cemetery No.2. For more see "Second Presbyterian congregation votes...," Lexington Transcript, 03/18/1887, p.2; "Removing the dead," The Kentucky Leader, 05/20/1889, p.5; and "Presbyterian graveyard sold to Scott & Skillman...," Lexington Transcript, 03/24/1887, p.4.

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