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Hamilton, Robin and Ramey Hensley (siblings)

Robin and Ramey Hamilton were sister and brother, and both were educators from Mt. Sterling, KY. Robin Hamilton (1896-1975) was a long time school teacher in the Mt. Sterling colored schools. She also wrote the Colored Notes column in the Mt. Sterling Advocate [source: "Colored Notes (by Robin Hamilton)," Mt. Sterling Advocate, 10/08/1918, p.4]. During the early years of her teaching career, she served as secretary of the 1917 School Institute for Colored Teachers [source: Mt. Sterling Advocate, 09/04/1917, p.8]. In 1921, she married Fountain Davis, a plasterer [source: 1930 U.S. Federal Census]. Robin Hamilton Davis continued teaching and was supervisor of domestic arts at the Montgomery County Training School [source: KNEA Journal, 1933, v.3, no.3, p.13]. She would later become principal of the school, and in 1948 she represented the school as a member of the Educational Research Committee of the Kentucky Negro Educational Association [source: Montgomery County, Kentucky Bicentennial, 1774-1974 by S. A. Harris, p.18; and KNEA Journal, 1948, v.20, no.1, p.18]. Robin Hamilton Davis died in Detroit, MI, January 15, 1975 [source: Social Security Death Index].

Her brother Ramey H. Hamilton (1900-1940) was the first principal of the DuBois School in Mt. Sterling, KY [source: Montgomery County, Kentucky Bicentennial, 1774-1974 by S. A. Harris, p.17]. He was the principal until shortly before his death on October 22, 1940. He died at St. Joseph Hospital in Lexington, KY [source: Kentucky Death Certificate #23239]. Ramey H. Hamilton received his education at Lincoln Institute, he was there in 1918 when he completed his WWI Draft Registration Card [see also, "Mr. Ramey Hamilton..." in Colored Notes, Mt. Sterling Advocate, 10/15/1918, p.4]. Ramey H. Hamilton would become a teacher at Lincoln Institute [source: Proceedings of the Kentucky Negro Educational Association, April 22-25, 1925, p.60]. By 1930, he was married to Marietta Gibson Hamilton, they had a 2 year old daughter named Robin Frances Hamilton, who was born in Kentucky [source: U.S. Federal Census]. The family lived in Okmulgee, OK, where Ramey was a teacher in the public schools. When the DuBois School opened in Mt. Sterling, KY, in 1936, Ramey H. Hamilton was hired as the school principal.

Both Robin and Ramey Hamilton were born in Mt. Sterling, KY, they were the children of Bertha Mack Hamilton and Benjamin G. Hamilton. The family lived in Harts in 1910 and in Smithville in 1920, both locations are in Montgomery County [source: U.S. Federal Census]. Their father, Benjamin Hamilton (1876-1951), supported his family as a carpenter and a plumber who owned his own shop. Benjamin Hamilton was an elections officer in 1904 [source: "Elections Officers," Mt. Sterling Advocate, 09/21/04, p.6]. See also African American Schools in Mt. Sterling and Montgomery County, KY. This entry was suggested by Charles Jones of Mt. Sterling, KY.

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