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Fulton, KY's Historic African American Railroaders Oral Histories & More

(start date: 1940  -  end date: 1970) 

The following information is from Fulton, KY's Historic African American Railroders website.

"The Oral History Project is a series of ten oral history interviews with Fulton’s Illinois Central workers and/or family members, that focuses on the everyday lives of the African American Illinois Central Workers of the Historic Fulton KY Railroad Station. The 1940 -1970 heyday of the railroad is the primary era of interest for the project, though some of the subjects began their work on the railroad, earlier and some later.

The interview videos and 240 pages of photos and backstories are archived by the Kentucky Oral History Commission for 300 years and the videos are available for continuing research and general public use (a research fee is charged) as interested."


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