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Colored Notes and Colored Folks News (Cloverport Newspaper)

(start date: 1893  -  end date: 1913) 

The Breckinridge News
was in Cloverport, KY. The newspaper did not have a "Colored Notes" column. This was mentioned in the March 15, 1893, issue of the newspaper on page 2 at the end of the article "Guston." The article said that "colored people who were subscribers" had complained that the newspaper never had any colored notes. This statement was followed by two news items, one about the sale of homes belonging to African Americans who had not paid their taxes, and the second item was about the recovery of an African American woman who had had surgery in Louisville.

That was the extent of the colored notes in The Breckinridge News until 1908 when the "Colored Folks News" column was printed on July 15th, p.8. There was a sentence about Uncle Ben Dean. Three years later, on October 11, 1911, the column reappeared with a sentence about schoolteacher, George Adams, moving his family to Elizabethtown where he had a teaching job. And, there was another sentence about Uncle Ben Dean. The column was printed once again on June 19, 1912. There were three sentences, one about George Adams and family's return home. The last column of "Colored Folks News" was printed on March 5, 1913 with four sentences.

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