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McClellan, Hassell H.

(born: July 10, 1945) 

Hassell H. McClellan is the author of the book Managing One-Bank Holding Companies. He has also authored several articles and case studies. McClellan is internationally recognized educator, and a policy and management authority. He has an extensive resume of education, service, and accomplishments.

Hassell H. McClellan was born in Georgetown, KY, the son of Raymond E. and Martha Spotts McClellan. He is a 1967 graduate of Fisk University where he earned a B.A. degree in economics and mathematics. Two years later, he earned his M.B.A. degree in finance and marketing at Chicago School of Business. In 1978 he earned a D.B.A at Harvard Business School and taught at the school until 1980. He later became a co-founder of the Policy and Research Institute.

McClellan was president of the African American-owned company, HiPark Development Corp in Boston, MA. In 1981, the company was at the helm of the historic neighborhood of HiPark becoming the most recent privately built development in the Highland Park section of Roxbury. The other members of the HiPark Development Corporation were Fletcher H. Wiley, Richard Taylor, and Edward R. Redd.

From 1984-2013, Hassell H. McClellan was an associate professor of finance and policy at the Wallace E. Carroll School of Management at Boston College. He served as graduate dean at the school from 1996 to 2000. McClellan was also a visiting professor at the University of Strasbourg, France, and the ESADE Business School in Barcelona, Spain.

He has served as chair of a number of organizations and served on just as many boards. His service includes chair at the John Hancock Group of Funds, the Barnes Group, Delta Dental of Massachusetts; and he has been a member of the Board of Trustees at Fisk University, Lesley University, Berklee College of Music, and Tufts-New England Medical Center. McClellan has also overseen the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA, and he was appointed to the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Council on Underserved Communities. 

For more information see Hassell H. McClellan's Biography at The History Makers (online), 2022; Anthony J. Yudis, "Revitalizing a portion of Highland Park," The Boston Globe, 05/09/1981, p.37; Jack Dunn, "Hassell McClellan to step down as CGSOM head [Carroll Graduate School of Management] ," Boston College Chronicle, v.8, no.17, 05/11/2000, p.5 (online).

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