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Conference of the Presidents of Negro Land Grant Colleges

Conference of the Presidents of the Negro Land Grant Colleges was established January 15-16, 1923 and ended December 31, 1955 [source: Organizing Black America, by N. Mjagkij, pp. 164-165]. The conference was formed during the Southern Conference on Education in Negro Land Grant Colleges held at Tuskegee Institute in Alabama. The group was formed to help the members address challenges unique to Negro land grant institutions, and they sometimes joined forces with the conference for white land grant colleges to take issues, such as funding and hiring, to the U.S. government.

Kentucky State College (now Kentucky State University) was a member school. A program from the 25th annual session (October 21-23, 1947) is in the Kentucky State University Library, Special Collections. The names of the member schools and their presidents, as listed in the program, are given below.

For more information about the organization, see Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Presidents of Negro Land-Grant Colleges; chapter 14 - Against the Grain in W. E. B. Du Bois, 1919-1963, by D. L. Lewis; The Conference of Negro Land-Grant College Presidents in The Atlanta University Publications, new series, No. 22, 1943; and the program, Conference of the Presidents of Negro Land Grant Colleges, 25th Annual Session, October 21, 22, and 23, 1947. Theme: Extending the Services of the Negro Land Grant Colleges.

1947 Colleges and Presidents of the Conference

  • Alabama (Normal) A. & M. Institute, President J. F. Drake
  • Arkansas (Pine Bluff) State College, President L. A. Davis
  • Delaware (Dover) State College, President H. D. Gregg
  • Florida (Tallahassee) A. and M. College, President W. H. Gray, Jr.
  • Georgia (Fort Valley) Fort Valley State College, President C. V. Troup
  • Kentucky (Frankfort) State College, President R. B. Atwood
  • Louisiana (Scotlandville) Southern University, President F. G. Clark
  • Maryland (Princess Anne) Princess Anne College, President J. T. Williams
  • Mississippi (Alcorn) A. & M. College, President W. H. Pipes
  • Missouri (Jefferson City) Lincoln University, President S. D. Scruggs
  • North Carolina (Greensboro) A. & T. State College, President F. D. Bluford
  • Oklahoma (Langston) Langston University, President G. L. Harrison
  • South Carolina (Orangeburg) State College, President M. F. Whittaker
  • Tennessee (Nashville) A. & I. State College, President W. S. Davis
  • Texas (Prairie View) State University, President E. B. Evans
  • Virginia (Petersburg) State College, President L. H. Foster
  • West Virginia (Institute) State College, President J. W. Davis

1947 Associate Members

  • Atlanta University, Atlanta, GA, President R. E. Clement
  • Bordentown Manual Training School, Bordentown, NJ, President W. R. Valentine
  • Hampton Institute, Hampton, VA, President R. P. Bridgman
  • Howard University, Washington, D.C., President M. W. Johnson
  • Tuskegee Institute, Tuskegee, AL, President F. D. Patterson
  • Wilberforce University, College of Education and Industrial Arts, Wilberforce, OH, President C. H. Wesley

1947 Life Member

  • W. R. Banks, Prairie View University, Texas

1947 Officers of the Conference

  • Luther H. Foster, Virginia State College, President
  • Lawrence A. Davis, Arkansas State College, Vice-President
  • Rufus B. Atwood, Kentucky State College, Secretary
  • Felton G. Clark, Southern University, Treasurer

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