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Taylor, Juanita Clay Payne

(born: February 28, 1919  -  died: April 19, 2011) 

Military Branch

Women's Army Corps

Active Duty Entered

September 1, 1943

Active Duty Exit

November 10, 1945

Exit Rank

Tec 5


Juanita Clay was living in Louisville, KY when she enlisted in the Army in Cincinnati, OH, according to the record in Ancestry. *In Louisville, she operated a booth at the M. C. Kessick Beauty Shop from 1939-1943. Juanita  was a trained beautician and held an operator's license for Kentucky. She had received her training at Madam Walker's Beauty School in Chicago, IL. She attended the school for one year, five days per week. [Source: Juanita Clay's Military Education Record; see Madam C. J. Walker College of Beauty Culture, digital image at Indiana Historical Society.]

Juanita Clay was born in Frankfort, KY, the daughter of James B. and Kate Nelson Clay. The family was enumerated in the 1920, 1930, and the 1940 U.S. Census records. In 1940, Juanita and her sister were said to be employed as maids; their brother was a shoeshine boy in a barbershop. 

In 1943, Juanita Clay left her beautician's job and enlisted in the Army, according to her record in the National Archives, Access to Archival Databases. *She was a truck driver light 345 and drove jeeps, staff cars, and 1/2 ton trucks, hauling supplies, equipment, and personnel. "Also made minor repairs when necessary." [Source: Juanita Clay's Separation Qualification Record.]  

After her military service, Juanita Clay married Charles Payne on July 28, 1951. They had a son, Jonathan Payne. She later married Harry W. Taylor. Juanita Clay Payne Taylor was a federal employee. She lived in North Highlands, CA and died in Sacramento, CA in 2011 and is buried in Green Hill Cemetery in Frankfort.

Sources: Juanita Clay Taylor at Find A Grave; Kentucky Birth Index in Ancestry; and "Taylor, Juanita Clay," The Sacramento Bee, 5/22/2011, p .B7. 
*Additional information, documentation, and pictures provided by Mary and Danny W. Clay (nephew of Juanita Clay Payne Taylor).

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