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Ponder, Raymond

(born: 1929) 

Raymond Ponder was born in Louisville, KY, the son of Betsy Crawford and Hessy Ponder; Alberta Jones was his first cousin. Ponder began his career as a firefighter in 1954 and was promoted to sergeant in 1963. He was the first African American fire inspector in the city of Louisville. He was promoted to lieutenant in 1965, captain in 1966, major in 1970, and became the first African American district fire chief before retiring in 1977. He is the husband of Flora Bell Ponder. For more see Profiles of Contemporary Black Achievers of Kentucky, by J. B. Horton. Additional information provided by Ms. Nicole M. Martin.


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NKAA Entry: Ponder, Flora B.
NKAA Source: Profiles of contemporary black achievers of Kentucky: a brief account of individual Black achievers of Kentucky whose qualities and attainments against the odds of circumstance distinguish them from the unexceptional

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